Monday, 6 February 2017

Identifikasi Soal Reading Comprehension 1 : Materi Letter dan Memo beserta Contoh soal


Reading Comprehension - Pada bagian ini yang harus di pahami adalah menyangkut beberapa macam seperti letter, memeo, message atau email, company profile atau deskripsi perusahaan, job description, dan iklan.

Contoh :
Dear Mr. Rahman
We are sorry to learn that the vacum cleaner you recently ordered arrived with several missing parts. Thank you for returning it so promptly. A replacement model of the same style, color and price is being shipped to you and should arrive by the time you receive this letter. It has been carefully inspected to insure that you will not be troubled again with a similiar problem. We sincerely regret the delay and inconvenience that has caused you, but we hope you will be pleased with your new cleaner.

Customer Relations
Contoh soal :
1. Why did Mr. Febrianto send the letter?
a. To claim
b. To apologize
c. To adjust a claim
d. To make an appointment

Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : Surat tersebut dimaksudkan untuk meminta maaf atas pengiriman barang sebelumnya yang beberapa bagiannya hilang, sesuai dengan kalimat pertama dalam surat tersebut. Sehingga jelas jawaban (B) merupakan yang paling tepat.

2. How will the customer probably feel after receiving the letter?
a. Lazy
b. Diligent
c. Careless
d. Satisfied

Jawaban : D
Pembahasan : Dapat disimpulkan jika pelanggan akan merasa puas (satisfied) setelah menerima surat tersebut karena pihak produsen bersedia mengganti dan telah mengirimkan barang yang sebelumnya rusak tersebut.

From : Industrial Relations Office
To : All Regular Staff
Date : Jully 3rd, 2012
Sub : Introduction of hourly-rate employes

Effectiv July 10th, thirty new employees will begin working on our production plant on an hourly-rate basis. This is an experiment to determine wheter hourly employment would give better results for all aspects of our enterprise. The new employees know that they are part of an experiment. Management encourages reguler staff to discuss the program among themselves and with the new employees. After six months, we will assess the program to learn any lessons it may have for us. Meanwhile, we welcome staff comment.

Contoh Soal :

What can be said about the new employees ?
a. They will be part of an experiment
b. They will be paid the same as regular staff
c. They will work longer hours than regular staff
d. They will work different hours from regular staff

Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : Berdasarkan kalimat “The new employ – ees know that they are part of an experiment” maka dapat diketahui jika karyawan yang baru tersebut adalah bagian dari percobaan.

Which of the following is closet in meaning to “employest”?

a. Employers
b. Jobs
c. Workers
d. Salaries

Jawaban : C
Pembahasan : Kata employees berarti karyawan atau pekerja memiliki arti yang sama dengan kata workers.

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