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Identifikasi Soal Reading Comprehension bagian 2 : Message atau E-mail, Company Profile dan Job Description


Setelah kemarin imyid memberikan Materi Pertama mengenai Reading Comprehension Bagian Letter dan Memo beserta Contoh soal silahkan apabila anda belum membacanya di baca dan pahami lagi. Pada Kali ini Imyid memberikan materi mengenai Message atau E-mail, Company Profile dan Job Description. simak baik - baik ya 
Message atau E-mail
Contoh : Sales Department (sdept@kyle.com)
From : Marketing department (mardept@cole.com)
Date : June 22
Subject : Cable prices
The price of our 12-amp cable has been reduced by 40 percent, from $3.40 to $2.04 per meter. Any additional sales or promotional discounts should be deducted from this new base price. Please notify your clients of this change by the close of business today. Because of a clause in tax laws introduced this year, it will be to their advantage to increase their inventories.

Contoh Soal :
What should the Sales Department do?
a. Inform customers of a price change
b. Revise sales projections
c. Raise the price on installations
d. Add applicable taxes to them
Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : Berdasarkan paragraf kedua, kita dapat mengetahui jika pihak sales department diminta untuk memberitahu para pelangan tentang perubahan harga. Maka jawaban yang paling tepat adalah (A)

What has been changed ?
a. The maximum amp load for a cable
b. The price of 13-amp cable
c. The discount that a salesperson can offer
d. The material used to make a cable
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : Yang telah berubah adalah harga dari 13-amp cable seperti yang terdapat dalam baris pertama.

Company Profile
Creating innovations that matter for people becomes philip’s company purpose. Since the introductio of the first Philip light bulb more than 120 years ago, innovation using people – centrict approach have always been the core of the company. The commitment of this company is to deliver new health care and lighting technology as well as innovative and locally relevant customer product that make a real difference to their customers, consumers and stake holders across the globe. They believe that best way for them to do this is through deep understanding of people’s need and desire. When they bring the two together – people and innovation – they create the next generation of technology and things that people truly want an need. These are meaningful innovations that help people to be healthy. Live well and enjoy life this set them apart and makes them Philip.

Contoh Soal :
What is Philip’s company purpose?
a. Introduction of the first Philip light bulb
b. Creating innovations that matter for people
c. Making new innovation
d. Getting people’s trust
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : berdasarkan kalimat pertama “ Creating innovations that matter for people becomes Philip’s company purpose” maka jelas jika jawaban yang benar adalah (B).

What is the best way to achieve their commitment?
a. Trhough the best leading way
b. Through deep understanding from the customers
c. Trhough more understanding between the company and the customers
d. Through deep understanding of people’s need and desire
Jawaban : D
Pembahasan : Jawaban (D) yang paling tepat sesuai dengan kalimat : They beleive that the best way for them to do this is trhough deep understanding of people’s need and desire.”

Job Desription
Being a teacher means great resposibility, dicipline and creativity. The main job of teacher is teaching based on the field of knowledge he or she has. Teaching in this term is not only giving the knowledge but also delevering the knowledge, making the concept more understadable and giving evaluation.
However, to ensure the succes of his or her function, teacher must also have other capabilities, such as : setting the curriculum, providing the right and easy way of learning, making assesment and evaluating. Teacher is sometimes asked to be more creative to develop knowledge. So being a good teacher should be able to have those abilities.

Contoh Soal :
What is the main job of teacher ?
a. Teaching
b. Setting curiculum
c. Making assesment
d. Evaluating
Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : Jelas jika menurut teks tugas utama guru memang adalah mengajar sesuai dengan kalimat ” The main job of teacher is teaching based on the field of knowledge he or she has.”

What are other capabilities of teacher? Except ...
a. Setting the curriculum
b. Giving award for the best student
c. Making understandable concept
d. Giving the right way of learning
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : Berdasarkan teks yang bukan merupakan kemampuan dari guru adalah jawaban (B) memberikan penghargaan ke[ada siswa terbaik.

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